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Ollie Entertainment CEO and Founder Curtis Oliver has been in the Entertainment industry for about 16 years . During the years of entertaining the public he has worked with some of the people that's in the public eyes such as WBLS 107.5 FM Lenny Green host of the Quite Storm 7pm to 12am Monday thru Thursday,107.5 FM Mid Day Host from 10am til 3pm Sweet Heart Shaila , Mid-Night Dr. Bob Lee and many more. He has taken time in working with some of the Best Promoters in the New York City such as Jimi Holloway, Lincoln Sessoms, Big Frank CEO of Raw Silk Production, Bob Goodrich, Shelby Joyner CEO of SJ Present,Maxwell, Mike Bee, Tony M, Poppa Doc, Fresh Entertainment, Lo-Green Entertainment and many more. Having the time to work with New York City Best DJ's Lady D. Wells, Reggie Wells, Ralph McDonald CEO Video Music Box, DJ Pleasure, DJ Darrel D, DJ Chuck Chill-Out, DJ Qua, DJ Lances Mike C and many more. He has the know how on knowing what it takes to provide the best in the Entertainment industry.By working with different personality in the Entertainment industry he develop his own style that's different from the others.  

By staying focus on the industry of Entertainment Ollie stepped out of the box and started doing his own Venues. Like most Venue Promoters it was a rocky start now with lots of knowledge form he's able to give the best a venue has to offer. Not taken any credibility away from the people that showed him the way Ollie is now recognized as holding it down in the Entertainment Business. 

Ollie has up graded his self in the Business by taking a course in Bartending, he now knows how to keep the flow of the juices to fit the rite occasion. Being a Bartender for small parties keeps him focus. Not having a drink in 20 years Ollie is so focus. Loving the Night Life and the Networking that take place is a a accomplishment for Ollie.

Ollie Entertainment is register and recognized by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Queens County Clerks department, Listing in Google Search, Facebook and all another  world wide web sites that recognize Entertainment. 

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The phrase Ollie use is" It's not a failure if you enjoy the process"

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