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Bus Service


In today's traveling world you want to be as comfortable as possible. Most of the Bus Company I deal with are WiFi compatible, a long with Cellphone Port Chargers, Cup holders for every seat. Seats full of cushion and more.   


On time Service


Knowing that departure time means so much I stress the fact we must depart on time. It's not fair to others if someone has to wait on someone cause they never on time. You will get left behind.

Entertainment on Bus


I believe in having a good time from the start. One way is supplying the rite ingredients for a fun Bus ride. Adult Beverages, Great Raffles that value $40 or more for only $5, Music, Snacks and lots of Networking.     

You make the final call


Whether It's the Casino or Tangers Outlet you can make your own decision too what you want to do.When I do Trips to A/C Foxxwoods or Baltimore Live Casino I make sure you have a choice of Casino Fun or Shopping Fun.

My Annual Mother's Day Lobster Feast


For the past 9 years my Mother's Day Bus Outing has be label as a Wonderful Day with wonderful folks. If your a Lobster Lover or Seafood Lover you may want too find out more about this Outstanding day.

Out of Town Concerts


Why pay for the Tolls a Place too Park and taking a chance getting a DWI. For $30 your guaranteed a round-trip transportation, Beverage, Lite Snacks and BYOBB. For more info contact me.